About Us

TTI was founded on 21st February 1990 by Dragutin KranjĨec, being 100% private property.

At first the firm was oriented in road transporting of various goods but later on specialised in transporting textile garments and during the years has become the leading company in the region in that particular field of transport.

From the early beginnings the firm has established successful partnership with German logistics company Johann Birkart, later named Birkart Globistics, Thiel fashion lifestyle and at the present know as Logwin, the leading clothing logistics company.

As logistic processes have developed over the years we are nowdays part of the European number one international textile logistic network offering high quality service from the manufacturer to final customer based on the “Supply chain management”.

Because our utmost attention is focused on improving our services in order to satisfy all the custmer’s needs you can rely on us distributing the goods profesionally and securely.

The company owns 31 vehicle and employs 61 educated and skilled professionals, focused on keeping our customers satisfied.

Therefore we possess ISO 9001 quality management system certificate and in order to keep the planet healthy for generations to come ISO14001 environment management system certificate.