Customs and logistic warehousing

There is 1000 m2 of closed warehousing space in VaraĹždinske Toplice, as well as 5000 m2 of open room. Public customs warehousing type A is also included, consisting of 300 m2 of closed and 1500 m2 of open space.

In order to maintain high quality service our warehouse is equipped with storage shelves and special ones intended for hanging garments.

We offer all kinds of warehousing services and handling customs and noncustoms goods:

  • warehousing of noncustoms goods
  • warehousing of customs goods in public warehouse type A
  • warehousing of hanging textile garments
  • reloading, discharging and handling goods
  • forklift, diesel, electronic and manual services

Safety warehouse references

Complete interior and exterior warehouse space is monitored all day long by video surveillance system connected to safety monitoring system of licenced security company.

Inner warehouse is also equipped with alarm and fire alarm system, while exterior warehouse is surrounded with 2m high industrial fence and illuminated throughout the night, both being patrolled by the security company staff.

The warehouse contains 4 hydraulic reloading ramps with rubber dock shelters in order to accept various kinds of trucks and protect the goods from the negative atmospheric effects.

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